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Master Photographer Greg Pai

Each Assignment A Unique Work of Art

Serving Florida & The World

A big Thank You to Photography Masterclass Magazine for featuring my work. I am humbled to be respected by some of the world's greatest photographers.

My purpose is to make every image I take matter

Hello! My name is Greg Pai and I have been passionate about photography my entire life. While I own and have mastered the latest equipment & technology, I never forget that it is the moment and the image that captures it that is most important. What I have learned is that the digital age has many benefits that come with some devastating consequences. We are taking and sharing more and more pictures, and spending less and less time truly appreciating each and every one of them. I call this the "Age of the Snap-Chat Culture." I fear that if we continue on this path, we will become desensitized to the world around us. This is why I have dedicated my work and approach to be a work of artistry and quality, not quantity and pure profit.

Equally important is the experience I leave my clients with. That is why I handle every aspect of the assignment. From your initial contact, to the photography and editing, and finally making sure that I have exceeded your expectations. Your buck starts and stops with me! I think you will learn very quickly that I love what I do and who I do it for.

"You make me want to be a better man."

From the movie As Good As It Gets

On an even more personal note, I get ALL of my inspiration for life and art from my wife of over 20 years and four children (and two dogs and a cat). From this picture, you can see why I might be so "drunk" with love for my wife. She is absolutely beautiful inside and out. She supports my work 100% and is often involved in the creative planning and direction on location for many wedding, event, and portraiture assignments. I suppose to know love, is to be able to see it and best photograph it.

What Are My Clients Saying?