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Other Works

Here are a sample of portfolios from around the world covering lifestyle portraiture, behind the scenes for film and live performance, corporate assignments, reportage, fine art photography, and more! I am very fortunate that my clients hire me for my signature style and approach across such a wide variety of assignments.

Lifestyle Portraiture

Environmental Portraiture

When someone hires me for a portraiture, they are hiring me to capture their personality and passions. Doing what they do best or most. This is Environmental Portraiture. My objective is to learn as much about the subject or subjects so that I can create a setting for our session that is comfortable and natural. Some people say "We love the beach" however, it is not that simple. I want to know what they love about the beach. Maybe it is an experience they shared as a family like building sandcastles or digging for shells. When my clients look at these images ten years from now, I want them to stir emotions; not just be a bunch of pretty faces!

Behind the Scenes , Corporate & Product

Celebrity Cruise Entertainment

Behind the Scenes

Exeunt – The Film

Fine Art Photography Collection

Fine Art Photography

Corporate & Product

Ritz Carlton New Orleans

Corporate & Product

Benchmark Games

Corporate & Product

Ente Parco di Portofino