Delray St. Patrick’s Parade

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

The Story

St. Patrick’s Day in Delray Beach started back in 1968… When Maury Power sitting in an Irish Pub began to lament about the lack of any local St Patrick’s Day celebration. With just a little encouragement from his pals and probably a bit too much Irish whiskey, he took up the challenge to have an impromptu St. Patrick’s Day parade right then and there. Maury left for a few minutes, only to return with his green pig, top hat and shillelagh, he began his solitary stroll up the middle of famous Atlantic Avenue (much to the delight of his drinking buddies and chuckling passersby). When questioned as to just what he thought he was doing, parading up the middle of Atlantic Avenue, his proud response was, “I’m having a Parade!” Hundreds of thousands of people have attended the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Delray over the years, and it all started by one man’s decision!


Greg Pai