Benchmark Games

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The Story

Benchmark Games is the global leader in the design and manufacture of large scale amusement games. I have been tasked for several assignments to photograph these amazing products which require both the highest levels of technical and creative competency due to the size and multitude of materials used (e.g., glass, mirrors, metals, high def colors, varied lighting types, precision components, and multiple actions).

Here is a testimonial from Benchmark’s head of marketing I would like to share: “We presented Greg with the unique challenge of photographing game cabinets which are large, have lots of lights, reflective surfaces and acrylic. Not only did we need clean shots, we also needed more creative close-ups that expressed motion and fun! Not only did Greg understand my needs, went over and above to deliver incredible photos that took our marketing and advertising pieces to the next level. Always on time, friendly, and I appreciated his own excitement about the project and subject matter. It is my pleasure to provide this review and to give Greg my absolute recommendation to anyone needing his services.”


Greg Pai