Lauren & Vincent

Not Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go

The Story

It was New Year’s Eve around 10am and like most years, the plan was just to relax with my family and not take any assignments as was always promised. I get a phone call and it is a young lady in distress. “Please, please can you help me. I am the Maid of Honor for my best friend’s wedding this evening and the photographers got sick. Can you help us?” As my wife grimaced, I told the friend that it would be up to my family.  She then said, “Well, bring your family along!  We will set up chairs and meals and they can be our guests!” So, I did the wedding and enjoyed every minute of it. The Father of the Bride even toasted me and my family to a flurry of applause. So, I guess WE DID have somewhere to go that evening…


Greg Pai