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Environmental Portraiture

Photographing People Doing
What They Love

Environmental Portraiture

When someone hires me for a portraiture assignment, they are hiring me to capture their outer and inner magnificence! This is what Environmental Portraiture is all about. My objective is to learn as much about my client so that I can create a setting for our session that is comfortable and natural. Some people say "We love the beach" however, it is not that simple. I want to know what they love about the beach. Maybe it is an experience they shared as a family like building sandcastles or digging for shells. Individuals, Couples, Families, Friends, and Professionals are all best portrayed in pictures when they are connecting with each other and them world around them. Simply put, my expertise is to capture people doing what they love!

Couples & Engagement Sessions

Sunrise, Sunset, Indoors, Outdoors, Surprise or Planned, I will capture your love for one another in a natural, unposed, and mostly unscripted portrayal.

Family & Reunion Sessions

I like to mix the traditional group shots with candids and natural photography for family and reunion sessions. I call these assignments, paparazzi sessions where I bring together the interactions and exchanges of the family into a collection of memories for generations to come.

Professional & Branding Sessions

The typical headshot does nothing for me and I don't believe it flatters the subject. My preference and expertise is with the environmental portraiture where I photograph my clients in a way that asserts their strengths and passions. Shooting can be at a studio, specific location, at their place of business and while alone or interacting with others at their office. The objective is to create a setting that flatters their talents and skills.