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Jump For Jaclyn Pediatric Cancer Fundraiser

Jump for Jaclyn was created when James Dickson, retired Law Enforcement/EMT, decided to stand up (and jump) against cancer in hopes of helping more families struggling through a cancer diagnosis. James, an experienced skydiver approached the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation with the idea to skydive 25 times in one day, with each jump having a direct connection to someone who has been affected by cancer. The first Jump for Jaclyn event, held in the fall of 2016 was a huge success. With the help of his friends and supporters James jumped 25 times in the span of 8 hours and helped to raise funds and awareness for the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation.

In 2017, I was asked to photograph this amazing event from a unique perspective. I suggested that I be tethered outside the door of a helicopter that would trail the jump plane. This would allow me to capture the jumpers at eye level as they jumped. A unique perspective that cant be captured by a drone or a Go-Pro. In concept, this was a great idea. In practice, this was a dangerous idea! However, I got little argument that the mission was accomplished. #onceisenough :)