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Here Comes The Bride!

Here Comes the Bride!  Always music to my ears. I photograph several weddings each year and they are easily among the most enjoyable and exciting assignments. I never get tired of my clients telling me that my personality and energy added to to their event. This makes every wedding I shoot a special experience deserving its own masterpiece of photography. The freedom for me to create is limitless. What you can expect is a documentary-style gallery of images that will remind generations to come of just how special that day was. It will be a magical story in pictures filled with emotions, candid moments, WOW shots, and all the essentials as well. Please enjoy this selection of images from my most recent weddings and then imagine me creating your special masterpiece! Be sure to request a personalized quote and schedule a time to speak.

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What is "True" Photojournalism?

The increasing popularity of photojournalistic (or sometimes called documentary) style photography has raised the appropriate question... What is true photojournalism? I can sum it up in one sentence. Photojournalism is the continuous capture of moments that would have occurred even if the photographer were not there to photograph them. This style of photography was made famous by magazines like Time, Life, and National Geographic to name a few. At its core, photojournalism should stir emotion and get you excited to see the next image in the sequence. Today, wedding couples, event planners, celebrities, corporations, and ad agencies are gravitating to this style and many photographers are claiming this style as their own as a result. But, buyer beware! The style of photojournalism requires a certain kind of experience and very unique skills. My style has always been photojournalistic and is backed by years of experience including photography in over 60 countries as well as an award winning assignments in the field, reportage, street photography and fine art collection. I would like to invite you to experience my many portfolios of work on this site. I am confident you will see that this style is my fingerprint and differentiates my work from many of my peers. Please do not hesitate to reach out and learn more about how I view photojournalism as a style of photography and how it can glorify your wedding.

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